Integrated MCC A320 Type Rating

By combining the MCC and A320 Type Rating into a single, EASA FCL approved course, we are able to offer better value to students while providing more comprehensive training of Airbus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our unique approach ensures good habits are picked up from day one and cultivated throughout the course, delivering a better understanding of the skills required to be an effective Airbus First Officer.


  • Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) - 5 days
    The multi-crew cooperation module is delivered in a classroom by an experienced airline pilot and covers the application of CRM, situational awareness, decision making and reviews case studies from historical events.
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge - 8 days
    The aircraft system training module is delivered by CBT with the guidance of a technical knowledge instructor.
  • Standard Operating Procedures - 1 day
    An introduction to the SOPs in preparation for practical training.


  • Multi-Crew Cooperation - 3 sessions
    3 x 4 hour sessions focusing on the essential techniques of operating in a multi-crew, airline environment with exposure to real-time problem solving and effective decision making.
  • Aircraft Operation - 7 sessions
    9 x 4 hour sessions focusing on manual flying skills, application of SOPs and handling of abnormal situations with appropriate decision making considerations.
  • Skills Test - 1 session
    4 hour skills test, with a Type Rating Examiner and an experienced Captain in the left hand seat for greater realism.


    Our instructors and examiners are highly skilled and passionate professionals who posses vast experience in training across the globe.

    Throughout the course, we emphasise the importance of structured decision making, situational awareness and the correct application of Airbus SOPs in a realistic line flying environment.

    Our instructors will not only teach you the standard required syllabus, but also share their personal knowledge and experience of operating the aircraft across the globe.

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